The right nutrition can either make or break your progress. Making healthy lifestyle choices, especially when it comes to what you put in your body, will provide you with the results your are striving for physically, and reward you mentally.
Gladys Campolongo, Certified Sport & Exercise Nutrition, Precision Nutrition Level 1. 

I am passionate about nutrition and the benefits of real food on overall health.  Being a mother of 3 teenage daughters (college student and 2 HS cheerleaders) has intensified my interest in helping young girls take care of their health through fitness and nutrition.  As I was raising my family, I got into learning more about plant-based foods and different styles of cooking.  Now I love to share my knowledge and show people that nutritious food and fitness is the only road to good health!

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Nutrition education and seminars

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Whole foods

Plant-based eating options

Meal prepping techniques

Family nutrition coaching

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