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Class options

One on One Training Sessions
Interested in a one on one personalized training session? Sessions run 60 minutes and include a dynamic warm-up, with a variety in the active workout including: strength training, plyometrics, balance, flexibility and core training, always including a cool down and stretch. Beginners to advanced are welcome.

Small Group Sessions
Do you and a friend want to go at this journey together? Great! Offering small group sessions so you can reach your goals together. All fitness levels welcome. For more information on upcoming locations of classes, please see my Facebook page for details.

Large Group Classes
Come be a part of a fun and innovative workout that is always changing. We hit the playground and use body weight, weight plates , bands, tires and sleds to burn some serious calories. Playground workouts only happen weather permitting. Indoor large group classes also incorporate a variety of exercises to get the heart pumping and muscles burning.

Corrective Exercise Programming 
Do you sit at a computer often? How about long car rides? Every day wear and tear on the body can cause uncomfortable body positioning and compensation. Come learn techniques to help you address the imbalances you may have. You will be glad you did.Nutritional Counseling Whether you are looking to shed fat or gain lean muscle, our Certified Sports and Exercise Nutrition Specialist will help you with the tools to meet your individual needs. A well-rounded nutrition plan will contribute to the success in your overall performance in and out of your training session. First session is FREE.

single class: $10
10 class card: $100
Unlimited monthly classes: $50
Playground class: $5* Cancellation policy: You must cancel your class 12 hours prior to the class, otherwise you will be charged. Thank you for your cooperation!
* 5 class cards expire 50 days after purchase.

Current Class Schedule:

(All other private and small group training sessions are available upon appointment and availability).

*The class formats will rotate on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Monday: 5:30 am Pick Me Up (This class varies from day to day to hit all muscle groups and improve flexibility),

5:30 pm CSC Training (A mix of core, strength and cardio that will leave you drenched and wanting more, all levels welcome). OR

Metabolic Conditioning (A full body conditioning class that turns up the heat and gets the sweat pouring. Modifications available, all levels welcome).

Tuesday: 5:30 am Pick me Up,  

Wednesday:5:30 am Pick Me Up, 

5:30 pm Total Body Blast (A functional movement class focusing on form while building muscle and working to improve cardiovascular health too). OR

Partner Training (Pick a partner and turn up the heat. A high intensity mix of aerobic and strength to get the most out of your workout).

Thursday: 5:30 am Pick Me Up,

Friday: 5:30 am Pick Me Up

Saturday: Check out updates on special classes and events on the Purpose Fitness Facebook page.

Saturday and Sunday: appointment upon request
*All personal training sessions are by appointment during the week and fill quickly.

*You may request alternate times for training if the above times do not work with your schedule. If you would like to attend an early morning session, please contact Stefani at (484)393-1045 or by email at The schedule is always changing so please see the Purpose Fitness Facebook page for updates or contact Happy Training!

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