Mission Statement 

Purpose Fitness uses a total body approach to enhance your strengths, address your imbalances, and safely and effectively teach the elements to a healthier body and mind. Confidence is built, doubts are diminished, and strength is pursued. Challenges are accepted and no one is left behind.


-Build a community of athletes from all walks of life and all levels of performance.

-Build strength, confidence and sound mind in every athlete that is part of the mission.

-Cultivate instruction so that each athlete feels comfortable and eager to learn more.

-Engage athletes in expanding what they learn here to the outside.

-Incorporate programs for children with special needs.

-Address imbalances that can impede the training of each athlete so that they may move better in their daily lives.

-Remain a place of patience and encouragement to cultivate progress and change.

Stefani Abreu, Owner of Purpose Fitness, LLC. wanted to create a place where people could feel strong, confident and free to explore areas of fitness that might be new, different or challenging. She lives to share her passion and knowledge to help others not only get healthier, but to also feel stronger mentally and physically. Functional training for beginners to more advanced individuals make training enjoyable and will improve the quality of your life from the inside, out.

Stefani Abreu, M.S., NASM-PES, FMS, CSS, CPT, Owner of Purpose Fitness, LLC.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Stefani earned a Master of Science from California University of Pennsylvania in Exercise Science with a concentration in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention. She received a B.S. in Child Development and a B.A. in Spanish from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

CERTIFICATIONS: NASM-Performance Enhancement Specialist, ACE-Certified Functional Movement Specialist, NASE-Certified Speed Specialist, ISMA-Certified Personal Trainer.

Stefani is the mom of three young children, two boys and one girl, ages 10, 9 and 7. Her passion for fitness and health has always been a part of her life. Stefani was a competitive dancer for over 15 years and has always been active.  She believes that getting children involved in a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle at an early age will set them up for success for a lifetime. She is passionate about instilling a love for functional movement so that everyone can perform at their best.

-Offers functional fitness and sensory balance training for children with special needs.
-Completes full postural assessments and corrective exercise programming to address imbalances in the body so that each person will move efficiently and feel better.
-Focused on fostering client relationships and promoting individual wellbeing through attainable goal achievement, high expectations, and personal empowerment.
-Couples extensive training programs with complete nutrition for a life-long health plan.


Gladys Campolongo, Certified Sport & Exercise Nutrition Specialist, Precision Nutrition Level 1. 

I am passionate about nutrition and the benefits of real food on overall health.  Being a mother of 3 teenage daughters (college student and 2 HS cheerleaders) has intensified my interest in helping young girls take care of their health through fitness and nutrition.  As I was raising my family, I got into learning more about plant-based foods and different styles of cooking.  Now I love to share my knowledge and show people that nutritious food and fitness is the only road to good health!


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