Staying Healthy in the Winter

15 Dec

Now that Winter is in full swing, the cold brings on a whole host of reasons to be smart about your health. When it’s cold we tend to eat more. I like to think of it as prepping our bodies like the bears do when they hibernate. Only we don’t get to sleep for an endless amount of days with no activity. We are busier than ever and more stressed during the holiday months, turning to sugar or high carbohydrate foods to trick our brains that we are not so stressed. High amounts of sugar decrease the attack mode our immune system uses to go after the bacteria we don’t want. Instead, antioxidant rich and vitamin-rich foods like fruits and vegetables can help our immune system when it is working overtime. Try foods high in zinc to combat colds, like spinach, beans, flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds. Check out this healthy recipe, credited to hipfoodie mom. These are delicious!


Sleep is also highly mistreated. We need sleep to help our system run smoothly and to keep up with all we have to get done during the very busy day. Don’t skip on sleep. Your body will thank you.

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